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Setup your own Go-Mojito project with just 2 easy steps and 10 lines of code. Just follow the guide below and test a variety of features.

Before we can begin, you need to initialize the go project and pull in the required dependencies. To do that, create a new empty folder and execute the following commands.

go mod init github.com/example/project
go get github.com/go-mojito/mojito

Replace github.com/example/project with your own project url

The main.go file is the heart of your project. It defines available routes, dependencies, database connections and more. We will just register a simple hello world handler.

package main

import "github.com/go-mojito/mojito"

func main() {
	mojito.GET("/", func(ctx mojito.Context) {
		ctx.String("Hello World")

Done already? Go run it!

go run main.go

And visit http://localhost:8123 in your browser.

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